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Open API

If you're developing a client application that will query HL7 FHIR® data sources enabled by EMR Direct Interoperability Engine, please refer to the following resources:


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API Management Platform for Direct Messaging & FHIR

Data holders, register for a complimentary Developer account to view documentation & sample code you can use to easily enable Direct Messaging or HL7 FHIR services in your Health IT application. A test Direct address & FHIR endpoint, email-based support, and all you need for certification testing are included.

Interoperability Engine

Drummond Certified 2015 Edition Module
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Best practices & other noteworthy topics
Transactional Authorization for FHIR

Transactional Authorization for FHIR

In some workflows, it may be necessary to have the user specifically authorize a FHIR transaction or even re-authenticate to complete the transaction. We have worked out a workflow that we call “transactional authorization” to address this that leverages the concept of scopes...

Using Digital Certificates with FHIR

Using Digital Certificates with FHIR

There has been substantial effort over the last few years to deploy digital tools to the healthcare setting, so that medical records are more computable both in-place and when shared (think decision support for now, evolving to advanced data processing tools, enabled with artificial intelligence)...

Trusted Exchange Framework

What's a Trusted Exchange Framework and why do we need one?

Somewhere at the crossroads of actual information blocking (or, more likely, accidental information throttling) and use of entirely-appropriate, high security constraints, usability and data access have suffered and medical tests are being duplicated. Our health care system could simply do better and be more efficient...


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Test Your FHIR or Direct Messaging App


A Sandbox version of our HealthToGo client is available to registered Developers who are testing the phiQuery component of Interop Engine (our Open API) and other compatible HL7 FHIR test servers.

Several partners have already used the HealthToGo Sandbox as their test harness to demonstrate how they use Interoperability Engine to meet the Application Access APIs certification criteria.

Interoperability Engine

Register for an EMR Direct Developer account to enable Direct or HL7 FHIR services you can test with the sandboxes listed here and your own test data.

We're now accepting participants in several pilot programs evaluating advanced use cases such as using Direct on FHIR transactions, using Certificates for FHIR authorization, using the HEART profiles for UMA, OAuth, and OpenID to facilitate grant management, and improving workflows through Context-enabled Direct Messaging.

phiMail Web

For testing Direct Messaging applications built with phiMail, a sandbox version of our web-based Direct Messaging service is also available:

phiMail Web Sandbox

If you're preparing to certify your health IT through a test lab using phiMail, be sure to request a current version of our documentation for use with the testing tools.